Marex Solutions opens a new office in Campinas, Brazil

December 4, 2023

We announced the opening of our new office in Campinas, Brazil, in December 2023.

Brazil is a significant location in the commodity space and has been a crucial contributor to our growth since inception.

 Brazil holds strategic significance for Marex. The establishment of a local office strengthens our presence in the South American markets and underscores our commitment to the region.

Furthermore, Brazil was the inaugural market for Marex Solutions, initially arranged on a cross-border basis with an Issue Broker (IB) setup.

The Brazilian team has consistently demonstrated their value and team spirit, emphasising the importance of a full office and local presence. Marex subsequently converted all IBs to full employee status and recently inaugurated a brand-new office to reinforce its commitment to the market.

The new office boasts an iconic chevron wall and an open plan space filled with natural light. Its new design facilitates opportunities for both co-working and collaboration, combining desks with spacious communal areas, meeting pods, and rooms, all equipped with full amenities – making it an ideal space for both visiting clients and staff members.

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