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We design, structure, hedge, and distribute customisable Investment Products through our proprietary trading platform, Agile, under our own issuance programs.

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Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing by passing on our lower costs of production and funding levels to our clients. Additionally, we provide a highly liquid secondary market for our products. Our goal is to offer the best price regardless of the pay off, currency, or maturity, demonstrating our dedication to delivering value to our clients.

Size of Investments

Our investment solutions cater to a wide range of investors, including those with smaller amounts to invest. We offer customised investment options that can accommodate various investment sizes.

Unique Credit Risk

As a non-bank issuer, we provide investors with optimal diversification of counterparty risk for their portfolios. Our status as a financial issuer separates us from traditional banking institutions, allowing us to offer unique advantages in terms of minimising the impact of counterparty risk on investors’ portfolios.

Firsts in Digital Assets

Barrier Autocallable Notes issued on Bitcoin & Ethereum, Cash and Carry Note issued on Bitcoin, OTC NDF traded on Ether, Structured investment product transacted on the blockchain.

Retail Eligibility

Key Information Documents (KIDs) across EU27 in twenty languages under the Private Placement Memorandum. Our offer includes listed products directly available on the Italian Exchange.

Who do we serve

Banks, Brokerage houses, Wealth Managers and IFAs.


Our offer is not limited to automated structures and aims to accommodate the most exotic pay offs to your specific needs and investment purposes.


Sales and Trading teams are available from HK open to US close. Local teams are active in London, Paris, Milan, New York and Singapore.


Clients can connect with us via our dedicated email pricer, Bloomberg, Third Party Vendors, and other lines of communication. These various channels ensure that clients have multiple convenient options to interact with us and obtain the pricing information and service they need.

Our Products

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Our Technology

Our platform stands as one of the first to price any product on virtually any underlying and asset class. Our dedicated team of structured product experts can demonstrate competitive pricing levels supported by our parent company, Marex’s investment-grade ratings. We are powered by our digital toolkit, built from the ground up to drive a future-proofed, modular ecosystem, with an ever-expanding range of financial products.

Awards & Partnerships


SRP Europe Awards 2022

Marex’s Bitcoin Cash & Carry Certificate


Italian Certificates Award 2022​

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🥉 Premio speciale certificate journal
🥉 Premio alla capacita' di innovazione
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Swiss Structured Products Association

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