Foreign Exchange

We offer 24-hour access in FX derivatives for all major and emerging market currency pairs in a wide range of products including spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs, options (vanilla and exotic). Our team offers an in-depth knowledge of FX hedging solutions to a client base globally.

Develop an immersive 3D ribbon graph that visualizes the correlation between two undisclosed forex pairs, with twisting and flowing ribbons indicating price relationships. Generative AI

What we do

We offer a wide range of FX hedging solutions to help clients risk manage their FX exposure. Working together with our clients, our team of FX specialist provide tailor-made FX solutions to meet our client’s requirements dependant on their risk profile, budget rate requirements, tenor exposure, and hedging timeline.

Our team specialise in the structuring, implementation and execution of tailor-made solutions to help clients manage their FX exposure in relation to Transaction risk, Translation risk and Economic exposure risk. Our team also offers strategic and tactical FX risk solutions to clients exposed to more complex geopolitical risks, market, and economic environments.

FX Product Offering

Our team of FX specialists offer clients a wide range of FX hedging solutions in all products including spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs, options and structured options. Our FX capabilities supports our client base in an extensive range of currency pairs across different regions and countries…






Structured Options